The Team.

The GH Team has been selected as the best in their current fields of expertise and above all personality and approachability. You couldn’t find better.

Tim Latter

Head Coach

A little shazzle about lil o'l me..I worked in the military Royal Navy ACINT intelligence service and Submarine Service. I have always been into fitness and functional training. I have a family, love Burgers and cheesecake. I'm a miserable bastard. I'm qualified S&C Coach, S&C MMA, Strongman Coach, First aid, NVQ Team Leading and over 20 years of leadership and mentoring.

Carly Mear


Hey everyone, my name is Carly! and i will be knocking around Grindhouse as i am working towards different aspects of fitness to then bring to you guys via a beasting or another class! My passion is strongman/strong women and helping people to get where they want to be! I am a S&C Coach and BWL

Lauren Mason

Guilt Free Pleasures

Hi, I've been asked to tell you all a bit about me! I am qualified as a Nutritional therapist last year after several years of studying science and nutrition. I currently own a healthy eating company, you'll find my guilt free treats at the gym. I also write personalised nutrition plans.