Our Classes

Ready for a beasting?

Strongman Class

Strength & Strongman

Our Strength & Strongman classes are part of a 12-week programme, designed specifically to YOU.

Starting with finding you’re 1 rep max on a couple of events, WE then tailor a programme to increase your fitness levels and increase these max lifts  along the way to ensure you are on track and alter the programme if needed.

We cover technique, gym etiquette and is suitable for all levels.

Strongwoman Classes


Our Strongwoman classes are for ladies only.

These classes are coach led by a female instructor and offer a friendly, non-intimidating atmosphere for ladies looking to start or progress their strength lifting journey.

Beastings Class


These small group sessions are coach led sessions working on high intensity functional fitness including a warmup, a strength activity, an event focus, conditioning and a cool down involving foam rolling and some stretching/yoga. The beasting past of the session is intensive work focus on all these aspects in a short time period (usually between 7 to 10 minutes of the session) you WILL sweat and find muscles in places you didn’t know you had them!

These are sessions you NEED to get booked on to begin your strongman/woman journey…..enjoy them!

Power Vinyasa Yoga Class Burton

Power Vinyasa Yoga

Be ready to sweat and let go as this class pushes you to dive deeper. The focus is on building strength, mobility and flexibility. A special emphasis on proper technique helps you refine your form.

This is a popular class for people wanting to ease tension and muscle strain whilst also maintaining strength, mobility and mental stamina.

Comp Class

Comp Class

Every Saturday afternoon is Comp Class. This is for the members who are in a position where they are looking to book or have already booked themselves into an upcoming competition. We try to re-create an on the day atmosphere and replicate the way a comp day would run and pick a variety of events to run through.

Tough sessions and only for those who are confident enough on their own in the open gym environment and looking to compete in competitions.