In 2017 Tim (an ex serviceperson) set up his competitive Strongman gym, as a business whilst battling PTSD, and anxiety from his serviceman days. Having been discharged, struggling to reconnect with civy life and his community he wanted to help others and soon had people coming down to the gym referred by his connections in the services, unfortunately cost was a barrier for many to participate and as a new business Tim was struggling timewise and couldn’t offer support for free, so he vowed that when he & his business was on his feet, he would devote his spare time and develop a community group with some of his ex service contacts to engage and support people at the earliest opportunity of discharge or ill health to navigate services, utilise his experiences, link and network organisations that work together, empower and support individuals and offer a community for people to feel part of.

A local network for people to build stronger relationships, access what is out there and influence what is missing in the heart of the ex service community, using strength and conditioning adapted for ability as a platform. We run weekly support sessions integrated discretely into our timetable offering support, routine, an active health approach and a fresh frontline with a military approach a much needed approach to PTSD support.